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Dog Bandanas

Of all the clothes and accessories that are available for your pup to sport dog bandanas are some of the least expensive and easiest for your pooch to wear. They come in an almost seemingly endless variety of colors and patterns, and can be found in sizes to fit any dog, from a teacup terrier to a giant breed working dog.

As common as they have become -even pup parents who would otherwise not consider 'dressing up' their dog will often have them sport a bandana - you might not think that there is too much to consider when buying dog bandanas other than the color, pattern and price. But if you want a dog bandana that is comfortable - and practical - for your pup to wear that will also last longer than a few weeks then yes, there are other things you should keep in mind as you shop. Here is a look at some of the most important.

Dog Bandana Sizing

In very basic terms a bandana - the word bandana is thought to come from the Hindi word bāṅdhnū, meaning “to tie,” by the way - is a square scarf that is, for a dog, most often worn around the neck (humans wear them on the head too, but it is very hard to get a dog to do that!) As it is designed to be tied loosely around the neck it's important to size the garment right before you buy.

The best way to measure your pup's neck for dog bandanas is loosely at the point where their collar normally sits. In order to safely still make use of their collar (for leashing etc.) it will need to be tied loosely but securely, so do keep that in mind when choosing the right size. Remember, fit really is important. If the bandana is too large it will eventually fall off and if it is too small it simply won't be something your pup will want to wear.

Dog Bandana Fabrics

The traditional bandana is usually made from cotton or from a cotton blend. And that is a good choice for dog bandanas as cotton is a relatively light, yet still durable choice that launders easily and can usually be dried in a standard clothes dryer.

There are other options available today in the world of dog bandanas, including silk and special 'cooling bandanas' designed for hot weather wear and crafted from materials like nylon and PVC. These are options that are a little harder to take care of, and in the case of fabrics like silk far less durable, but for occasional wear they can be fun and even useful.

Dog Bandana Style

In terms of style when it comes to dog bandanas you can find options to suit any style or any occasion. The classic bandana look - that paisley pattern that most of us are familiar with - is still a great choice and can look especially good on larger dogs who would not always suit flowers or rainbows. For those who want to get a little 'fancier' there are dozens of other options, ranging from very subtle and subdued to casual and funny. Buying several different dog bandanas will allow your pup to sport a different look every day!

How to Tie a Dog Bandana

Some dog bandana choices do not need to be tied at all; they come 'pre-tied' and are simply designed to be slipped over a pup's head. Others fasten with buttons or velcro. But if you do opt for the traditional fabric square there are several ways it can be tied, resulting in different finished looks, but the most common way is to fold the square in half so that it forms a triangle, roll the bandana down at the point of the triangle several times and then tie it loosely around the dog's neck. Make sure that you tie it securely, but never too tight, and that when in place it will not stop you from attaching the leash to your dog's collar when it is time to head out for a walk to show off his new bandana in style.

Caring for Dog Bandanas

Dogs, like human kids, will dirty their 'clothes' fairly quickly and dog bandanas are no exception. Most of them can be machine washed, but do check the care label before doing so. When laundering dog bandanas make use of a gentle baby detergent if possible as the strong perfumes and dyes in standard laundry detergent may irritate your dog.

Now that you know a little more about what to look for when buying dog bandanas it's time to go shopping. We offer a wide selection of dog bandanas to suit pups of all sizes so we're sure that you will find something that suits your dog's size, style and your budget!