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Dog Chew Toys

As seasoned pet parents know, a dog is going to chew. Chewing is just a natural part of being a dog, and it's quite an important part too, whether they are at the puppy stage or a fully grown adult. Puppies chew on things when teething or simply as a way to explore their new world and adult dogs chew on things to keep their teeth and chewing muscles in shape, to help clean their teeth and just to engage their brain. Chewing is in fact important for a dog's physical and mental health at any age.

This means that dogs need dog chew toys. If a pup is not provided with the right chew toys then they will create their own, and those DIY dog chew toys are likely to include things you would prefer they kept away from like your favorite pair of shoes, a dining table leg, electrical cords, their dog bed or dog bowl and more. Not only is this behavior far from desirable and rather destructive it can be very dangerous in some cases, and no pet parent wants to put their pup in danger.

By providing your pet with their own chew toys - and taking the time to teach them that these are what they chew and nothing else, you can help keep your dog healthy and mentally stimulated while avoiding the total destruction of your home! But as there are so many dog chew toys available how can you determine just which dog chew toys are the right picks for your pup? Here are some basic tips to help you figure it out:

What is Your Dog's Chewing Style?

Although most dogs like to chew at various times and are likely to appreciate a good dog chew toy some are more aggressive chewers than others, and it is not always size that determines which pups are the most active and determined chewers, as some small breed dogs can be keener on chewing everything in sight - if given the chance - than many of their larger counterparts.

If you are not sure what your dog's chewing style really is yet a rubber dog chew toy is often the best choice for a first chew toy. Look for one that is durable yet has a little give, no dog will enjoy chewing on something very hard and they may end up breaking their teeth!

Discovering your pup's chew style may mean investing in several different dog chew toys and 'experimenting', but in doing so many pet parents discover that their pup uses different toys in different situations, so in doing so they can make their pet's playtime and quiet time more fun, so it's win-win situation.

Dog Chew Toy Sizing

Because a dog chew toy is something that will be in their mouth a lot getting the sizing of a dog chew toy right is very important. Too small and they could choke on it, but too large and they will not be able to get their mouth around it properly and will lose interest quickly (possibly then sneaking off to find one of those DIY dog chew toys we discussed earlier, something you don't want at all!)

The good news is that most popular dog chew toys are offered in several different size options, so finding the right one for your pup should not be too hard.

Consider Play Style Too

Some pups are quite content to take their dog chew toy away to their bed or crate and gnaw away happily by themselves, while others crave a little more stimulation from their toys. A treat dispensing dog chew toy can be an excellent choice here as it provides a mental challenge as well as a great chewing session. You can also consider rope 'chew and tug' toys for use during playtime with you.

Dog Chew Toy Safety

The one thing that pet parents need to understand is that there really is no such thing as an indestructible dog chew toy. There are dog chew toys that are very durable and will last even the most aggressive chewer a long time, but they will eventually be worn down by the constant assault from your pup's teeth.

Which is fine, this means that your pup has really enjoyed making use of his chew toy and replacing it will likely not be too hard or too expensive. But for safety's sake if you notice that pieces are starting to fall off the toy, or if has holes that should not be there, it should be taken away and replaced.

Now that you are a little better informed about what you should be looking for when buying dog chew toys for your pup it's time to start shopping. We carry a large selection of the best dog chew toys on the market, so we are sure you will find the right dog chew toy for your unique furkid!