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Dog Collars

When it comes to buying a dog collar for your pup you have a lot of different options to choose from. From the very simple to the colorful, fashion forward looks that are so very popular right now there is a collar out there to suit every dog, no matter how large or small.

When choosing the right collar for your pup there are a number of things that have to be kept in mind. A dog collar is worn around a very sensitive part of your pup's anatomy - her neck - and often it is the basis of a restraint system that will prevent her from getting loose and running way, something no pet parent wants. This means that in addition to looking great the best dog collar has to fit well, be durable and secure and suited for the purpose it is being worn.

Types of Dog Collar

Although there are lots of great dog collar options available for you to choose from, most of them fall into these basic categories:


A standard dog collar - the most popular type - is usually simple in terms of construction, is easy to get on and off and does what you need it to without being overly complicated. Usually secured by a plastic or metal snap or buckle these collars are perfect for everyday wear and come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, including some very colorful and fashion forward ones.

Safety Collars

If you walk your pup after the sun goes down - or before it comes up - it's important that you are both easy to spot. Safety collars feature reflective materials - or sometimes even lights - so that your pup is visible to everyone, helping keep him safe.

Training Collars

No pup is born knowing quite how their new pet parent would like them to behave, and that is especially true of behaving properly when out walking. Training collars are designed to help pet parents teach their dog how to walk on a leash in the right way without hurting them or damaging their sensitive neck.

Dog Collar Materials

Dog collars also come in a wide variety of different materials. Nylon collars are very common, and very popular, as they are durable but comfortable for a dog to wear and can be crafted in a huge array of different styles. Leather dog collars, though more expensive, are often the choice of pet parents looking for heavy duty durability - so they are a great choice for larger dogs - as well as a classic, sophisticated style.

You can also purchase chain dog collars, primarily for use while training. When used with great care these can be very helpful, but should not be worn for long periods of time or when your pup has to be left unattended.

Dog Collar Uses

The dog collar you choose should also be suited to the purpose it is being worn for, which may mean that your pup will actually need more than one collar! For example, if your pup likes to go for a swim his collar will need to be waterproof and not too heavy. If you walk him at night it will need to be reflective or light up. It will often need to be used with a leash or harness, so the dog collar you chose will need to be suitable for that too.

Sizing a Dog Collar

One of the single most important things to consider when purchasing a dog collar is that it fits your pup properly. This means that before you begin to shop you need to measure your pup's neck.

To do this, take a dressmaker's tape measure and place it around your pup's neck between his ears and his collarbone, as that is where his new dog collar will be worn. When you have that measurement add two inches to it and you will have your dog's collar measurement so that you can shop for a dog collar that you can be confident will fit.

Why add two inches? Because a dog collar should never be too tight. When it is an ideal fit you should be able to fit two fingers underneath it between the collar and your dog's body.

One thing that some pet parents forget is that a dog's neck size can change. The collar measurement that was correct for them when they were six months old is very unlikely to be the same as it when they are six years old. This means that every time you buy a new dog collar you should take a few minutes to measure your dog's neck again, to make sure that the size they wore in the past is still suitable for them now.

Now that you know a lot more about dog collars and what to look for in the right one for your pup it's time to go shopping! We have a wide range of different dog collars available, and so finding just the right one for your fur kid should be a cinch!