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Dog Bowls

Technically, you could feed your dog from almost any container you have in the kitchen, but considering they will make use of dog bowls several times a day, every day, every pup really does need and deserve his own set of proper dog bowls.

A dog bowl needs to be suited to your pup's unique needs to be most useful. And not all dog bowls are created equal, which does mean that there are some things that you should keep in mind as you shop for just the right dog bowls for your pup. Here is a look at some of the most important.

The Size of the Dog Bowl

Your pup needs at least one bowl for food and one bowl for water. But pups do not, of course, all eat the same amount of food. A tiny Yorkie may only eat a half cup of their favorite kibble at each meal while a large dog may eat up to two or three cups per sitting. Therefore it is important that the dog bowl designated as their food bowl can hold the right amount of food - without everything overflowing onto the floor - and still leave a little room for your pup to eat.

When it comes to a water dog bowl no matter what your pup's size or breed she should always have a plentiful supply of fresh clean water at hand so any bowl should be able to hold at least a quart of water and more if your furkid is larger or very active.

The bowl's height matters too, especially if you have a very small pup. having to strain up to try and eat or drink is never going to be easy or comfortable for them, so their dog bowls should be sized just right for them.

Dog Bowl Materials

There are a number of different materials that dog bowls are commonly crafted from, but some are more suitable for pups than others. Although ceramic dog bowls can be very cute as they are often found in cute colors or with attractive patterns they may not be suitable for large dogs who may accidentally crack or chip them, leading to a safety hazard.

Stainless steel dog bowls are a good choice for most dogs as they are durable (dogs prone to chewing won't be able to attack them) and easy to clean and care for. Do make sure that you wash and scrub the bowl regularly though, as any sediment in your water can cling to stainless steel leading to staining and water contamination.

Silicone dog bowls are a lightweight alternative plastic dog bowls that are not prone to cracking or breaking in the way that standard plastic dog bowls can be. They are also a great choice for travelling, as they are light and easy to carry (some even fold up for even more convenience) They may not be the best choice for a dog prone to chewing though, as such a pup may decide that because they can chew it fairly easily the bowl is supposed to be a part of their meal!

Should You Opt for an Elevated Dog Bowl?

Another option available to pet parents shopping for dog bowls are elevated dog bowls. These dog bowls are designed to slt into an elevated platform, one made of wood, steel or plastic in most cases, that raises the dog bowl up off the floor.

An elevated dog can offer several advantages for some pups. For a large dog raising his dog bowls up to a more comfortable level allows him to eat and drink more easily and also aids in proper digestion as they are no longer forced to crouch down on the floor to eat or drink. Dogs with tendonitis or arthritis in their neck can also benefit as they will no longer have to strain these sensitive areas in order to enjoy their meals. And from a purely aesthetic point of view elevated dog bowls may fit in better with your kitchen decor than a standard dog bowl might.

If you do chose an elevated dog bowl take the time to ensure that it can be raised to a height that is right for your pup, otherwise all of the advantages these kinds of dog bowls can offer will be lost.

Now that you know a little more about what you should keep in mind when buying dog bowls for your pup it's time to start shopping. We offer a variety of dog bowl choices to meet the various different needs dogs have and so we are confident that you will be able to find the dog bowls that are just right for your pup and will enhance his 'dining experience' for a long time to come.