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Dog Car Seats

Most people who own a dog consider themselves pet parents rather than pet owners, and their dogs are definitely their fur kids. That means that taking them along for a ride when they head out in the car is quite normal, but like a human kid they really do need a dog car seat. Dog car seats solve the safety challenges that riding with your pooch poses for both you and your pup while also helping to make the journey more enjoyable for everyone.

Reasons You Need a Dog Car Seat

Dog Car Seats are a Driving Safety Essential

It is dangerous to allow your pup to be loose in a moving car. Even the best trained sitters can't be relied upon to stay still in a car - especially if they spot something new and exciting out of the window - and if your pooch is moving around the chances that you'll get into an accident as a result are high. In addition, an unsecured dog in the car would become a projectile in the event of an accident, possibly leading to injury to themselves and others in the vehicle in the event of an accident.

The simple fact is that your dog needs a car seat every bit as much as your human children do, and it needs to be one that helps to protect without injuring, is suited for use in your vehicle and is comfortable to ride in as well.

For Little Dogs, Dog Car Seats Improve Their View

Like kids, pups like to see where they are going, but for a little dog can't see out of the window very easily at all. Letting them run loose and jump up the windows to get a better view, is not, as we mentioned, safe at all, but booster dog car seats can help solve the problem.

Booster dog car seats raise smaller pups up so that they can get a better view, while also helping to keep them secured and safe and sitting comfortably.

Dog Car Seats Ease Anxiety and Car Sickness

Dogs can get car sick just like humans can, and some pups also get a little anxious when they are in the car, especially if it's crowded or a little noisy (as it often is when your human kids are present too!) Raising car sick prone pups up higher in a dog car seat with booster has been shown to prevent car sickness in many pups and the safely enclosed sensation sitting in their comfy seat gives them helps calm many an anxious pup down.

How To Buy the Right Dog Car Seat For Your Dog

If are planning to purchase a seat for your pooch to use in the car you'll find that you have several different options to choose from. When choosing between them to find the perfect choice for your dog - and for your vehicle - you should keep the following considerations in mind.

Desired Placement - While the majority of dog car seats are designed to attach directly to an existing seat in your vehicle if your have a smaller pup who likes to be the center of attention you might want to consider one of the options that are designed to sit on top of a car console instead.

Types of Tether - Some dog car seats come equipped with tethers to secure the pup even more securely in their seat. These can be a great choice for very active dogs but you will need to ensure that you purchase and make use of a dog harness as well, as car seat tethers should only ever be attached to one of those, never to a collar or leash.

Fit - It's obviously very important to make sure, before you buy it - that a dog seat you are considering is actually roomy enough for your pup to sit in, or conversely that it is not too big. Many of the best dog car seats offer weight and/or height recommendations and you should make a point of checking those first.

Ease of Care - The best dog car seats are easy to care for. They have padding that can be easily removed and laundered or fabrics and components that can be easily wiped clean. Any seat your pup sits in is likely to get a little grimy over time so it's important that cleaning it is as easy and efficient as possible (no pup wants to sit in a dirty seat!)

Now that you know a little bit more about why you should buy a dog seat and what to look for when you do it's time to start shopping. We offer a wide range of dog car seats, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your pup, your vehicle and your budget.