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Once upon a time the only dog clothes you could buy easily for your pup were dog coats, usually designed to keep them protected from the elements and little else. How times have changed! Now you can find dog clothes and dog outfits to suit almost any occasion. Some do still have a very practical purpose (more about them in just a moment) some are designed to be fun and fashionable and nothing more and some allow your pup to dress up for parties and social occasions in just the same way as you do.

Sizing Your Pup for Dog Clothes

Before you do start shopping for dog outfits and dog clothes you will need to learn how to measure them for their fashionable new attire properly. Different pet clothing manufacturers will offer different sizing, but there are some basic measurements you should take that you'll need no matter what dog clothes you are going to be shopping for:

Neck - To accurately measure your dog's neck size take a soft dressmaking tape measure (or a piece of string that can later be measure against a ruler) and place it loosely around his neck at the point where his collar normally sits.

Girth - It's very important to get this measurement right! Take your tape measure and measure the circumference of his body just behind his front legs.

Length - Take this measurement by running your tape measure from the base of the neck (right where the collar sits) to the tip of the tail, but then subtract 2 inches (5 cm) before noting the measurement down.

Height - Measure the distance between your pup's paws and the highest point of his shoulder blades (known as the withers)

Paws - As some dog outfits do come with dog shoes or dog boots you may need to know your dog's foot size too. To measure that have your dog stand on a piece of paper and then mark either side of his (splayed out) foot to calculate this measurement.

Do remember that some dog outfits are designed to fit looser than others, and you certainly never want to force your pup to wear clothes that are too small so be prepared for sizing up or down an inch or so sometimes to help ensure a more comfortable fit.

Fabrics and Durability

When you are shopping for dog clothes you will usually be looking for dog outfits for different occasions, so what you need in terms of fabric and durability will vary. A sundress does not have to be very thick or durable, but a raincoat does!

The one thing that you should look for when purchasing dog clothes and dog outfits is clothing that is easy to care for. Trying to get some dogs to keep their clothes clean for very long is as has trying to get some human kids to do the same, so ease of care is a must. Do make sure that you read care labels properly though and follow the instructions in order to prevent your investment being damaged in the wash.

Popular Dog Outfits Types

So, what kind of dog clothes are available for pups? Here's a look at some of the most popular choices:

Dog Sweaters

There is nothing quite like a warm cozy sweater on a cold day and we think you'll find that your pup will agree. Dog sweaters are available in a huge range of sizes, styles and designs and as they are easy to get on and off, and can usually be easily hand washed, they are likely to become your dog's go to clothing choice all winter long.

Dog Coats and Jackets

The average pup likes to be walked at least once a day, whatever the weather, and the fact is that they really need to be, even if only for a short potty break in very inclement weather. A dog coat or dog jacket can make this trips a nicer experience and with choices ranging from light raincoats to full puffer jackets you can find dog coats to suit all weather conditions.

Dog T Shirts

Humans wear t shirts that showcase their favorite sports teams, musical artists, TV shows and more, so why shouldn't your pup? Well, it may be difficult to be sure that your favorite football team is actually her favorite football team, but at least you'll match nicely at game time!

Dog Costumes

Everyone loves a little dress up time and dogs are no exception, especially on holidays when their pet parents usually dress up. This includes halloween especially, but you could also 'dress your dog' for Christmas, Easter, St Patrick's Day and more. You can even find dog outfits that are suitable for weddings, as having your furkids attend your nuptials as guests - and even attendants - has almost become the norm these days.

Now that you know more about dog clothes and dog outfits it's time to shop. We offer a wide range of options to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes, so we're sure you'll find something for yours!