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Dog Kennels

There are many ways to describe a shelter for a dog, dog kennel is just one of them. In fact it is one of the oldest terms. People also call them dog houses, dog shelters, dog crates and even dog shelters. And whatever you choose to call them there are a lot of options out there for you choose from.

Some pups have indoor dog kennels, some have outdoor dog kennels and a few even have both. Some pet parents make use of portable dog houses for pups who travel a lot. But choosing just the right dog kennel for your furkid will depend on how it is going to be used, where, and just what you and your dog's needs are when it comes to making use of a dog kennel.

Here are just some of the things to keep in mind as you shop.

Dog Kennel Uses

Traditionally, in years past, most dog kennels were outdoor dog kennels. They were places pups could nap and shelter from the elements. And many pups still make use of them every day.

Outdoor kennels often need to be more than just the wooden box that Snoopy used to use though. If a dog will be spending a large portion of their day in it it will need to be sturdy, well insulated and have lots of space for food, water, a comfy place to sleep and be easy for pups to get in and out of.

If you are looking for a dog kennel for indoor use? - lots of pups love having a house within a house and for pet parents who are out of the house during the day adding an indoor dog kennel can be a great way to give them a space of their own and contain them in a single area while you are out.

As we mentioned earlier, some dog kennels are designed for use when travelling. Some dogs don't ride well in the car, so a travel dog kennel can help keep both humans and pups safe and comfortable for the duration of the trip. And if you are one of the increasing number of pet parents who likes to make use of pet friendly hotels you'll find that despite allowing pups in their rooms almost every hotel will insist that you have a dog kennel or dog crate on hand to contain your furkid when you are not in the room.

Once you have determined what you need a dog kennel for you can move onto the next stage, choosing the right style.

Dog Kennel Styles

If you are looking for outdoor dog kennels wood is still a very popular choice. They range from the basic to the rather ornate - some of them look more like a kids' playhouse or a small condo - but whichever you choose make sure that it is weatherproofed, well constructed and is big enough to accommodate your pup in comfort.

If wood is not something that appeals to you, you do have other options. Some outdoor dog kennels are crafted from metal or even plastic and again range from the very basic to the rather fancy. One very popular outdoor dog kennel is a plastic model that, once again, could actually be mistaken for a kids playhouse!

Indoor dog kennels come in even more shapes, sizes and styles. The crate style dog kennel is a very popular choice as it can be purchased in a number of different sizes and is a great way to give your pup his own space within your home.

If you are looking for travel dog kennels easy portability is a must. Some are collapsible, some fold up like a large travel bag when not in use and some are even inflatable. If you plan to stay in hotels with your pup and are not quite sure what kind of dog house to opt for, try calling a few to see what kind of indoor dog kennel they recommend for use in a room.

Dog Kennel Sizing

While many dog products are rated by weight when it comes to dog kennels height is important too. Any kennel needs to be able to give your pup ample headroom while inside and feature an opening that is easy for them to get in and out of. Never measured how tall your pup is? It's easy. Taking a tape measure , measure the distance between your pups paws and his withers - the highest peak of the his shoulder blades. This measurement is his official height and the one you should refer to when shopping for a dog kennel that is just the right size.

Now that you know a little more about dog kennels and what to look for it's time to go shopping. We offer a wide range of dog kennels, both outdoor dog kennels and indoor dog kennels for you to choose from and there.