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Dog Pens

Dogs, whatever their size, need to move, but as a pet parent you can't be around all the time to supervise their play and letting them out alone in a yard can be risky, even if the yard is fenced in (some pups are just natural Houdinis) Dog pens are an alternative to dog crates that allow your pooch to move and play, indoors or out, while still being safely contained. To put it another way a dog pen is a lot like a human baby's playpen and is designed to provide many of the same protections.

If you are considering buying a dog pen you'll quickly find that there are plenty of options to choose from. They come in lots of different sizes and are crafted from different materials. Some offer a flexible design so that they can be configured in a way that best suits the available space while others are solid and sturdy and designed for permanent outdoor use. You can even buy portable dog pens that can be used to allow your pup to play safely at the beach, at a neighbour's house, in a pet-friendly hotel and more.

Choosing the Right Dog Pen for Your Dog

Finding the right dog pen for your pup - and your needs -will depend on determining some basic factors including all of the following:

Available Space

How much space do you have to house the new dog pen? If it's going out in the backyard that may not be such a huge concern, but if you are planning on making use of an indoor dog pen then it becomes more important to ensure that the dog pen is going to fit. When measuring don't forget that the measurements listed can be used to figure out the actual square footage the pen will take up when assembled, which is helpful. To calculate that you just multiply length by width.

The Size of Your Pup

How big your dog is is another important consideration. The purpose of a dog pen is to offer your furkid a place to play, nap and eat while being safely enclosed. If the dog pen is not high enough - if your pup could jump out of it - then it is certainly not going to do its job! If your pup is a known escape artist - and some are - then you may even want to consider in a mesh netting 'roof' for the pen to help ensure he stays in.

Dog Pen Materials

The type of material the dog pen is made of is something to consider too. Dog pens for outdoor use will need to be sturdy and able to withstand weather conditions like sun and light rain. They also should not be so flimsy that a strong wind could blow them away! You may also want to consider how much of a 'chewer' your pup is, as that may make a difference as well.

  • Plastic

Plastic dog pens can be a great choice for indoor or outdoor use, as they tend to be more durable, they are not likely to blow away and there is less of a risk of them scratching hard floors or snagging your carpet. They are not very flexible though, so if the available space is a little oddly shaped - a corner of the kitchen perhaps - they may not offer the setup flexibility you really need.

  • Metal

Metal dog pens are a little more expensive, but for a pup who is a real chewer they may be the more durable option. You will need to make sure that you are purchasing a metal dog pen that offers good quality construction though, as a poorly constructed metal dog pen with sharp edges can cause serious injury. Plastic covered metal is sometimes a safer option, but you will need to check the pen regularly to ensure the plastic coating is not being chewed off.

  • Mesh

These are the least substantial dog pen options you can choose but if you travel with your pup a lot their easy portability, lightweight construction and easy set up can be really helpful. These are not dog pens that are really suitable for unsupervised use, but they can be very handy in a hotel room or when out visiting a home where you really don't want to have your pooch running around everywhere.

As you shop for dog pens you actually may find that you need more than one, in order for your pup to really get the playtime he wants and needs. The good news here is that we offer a wide range of dog pen options at very reasonable prices, and so making sure that your pup play safely almost anywhere is not something that will break the bank and you are sure to find just the right dog pen - or dog pens - to suit you and your pup's needs.