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Dog Sweaters & Hoodies

Our pups are often rather different to their ancestors, some times quite literally. many of the most popular dog breeds have been bred to have shorter hair than their ancestors did, or have become popular far from the warm climates they originated from, which often means dealing with colder weather. And in some areas, those known for their harsh winters, even dogs with a nice thick coat can be found shivering once the temperatures start dropping.

As loving pet parents, no one wants to see their pup cold and uncomfortable. But what is the answer, keep them inside all winter long? No, you don't have to do that. You just have to remember what your parents probably told you as a child when you were cold; go and get a sweater, or, in this case, a dog sweater.

Why Buy Dog Sweaters Anyway?

If you live in a colder climate - or plan on spending some time in one - there's little doubt that you will be buying - or buying and packing - some sweaters for yourself to help keep you warm, so why shouldn't you do the same for your dog?

Walks are something that almost every pup benefits from, and in the case of larger dogs things like puppy pads and indoor dog 'lawns' really are not a very pleasant or sanitary option, so however cold it is outside their daily walks really do need to carry on. Having you dog wear a sweater will help keep her warm, and so these winter walks should be a lot nicer for you both!

Many pet parents also just like to accessorize and dress their dogs, and dog sweaters are one of the easiest, and most versatile, ways to do that. Dog sweaters come in an ever increasing variety of fabrics, colors and designs and most are among the easiest dog clothes to get on and off.

Dog Sweater Buying Considerations

So you are ready to start shopping for dog sweaters, but what should you be looking for, and take into consideration as you shop? Here are some pointers to help you make the right choices.

Get the Right Fit

Before you begin shopping for dog sweaters you do need to measure your pup properly, and know her approximate weight as well. You should measure your pup's neck, chest, 'waist' and her length from the back of her neck - where her collar sits - to the top of her tail. You can, if your dog is still a puppy allow for some growing room if you'd like, but just as if they were a human child ideally you should buy dog sweaters or hoodies that will fit her properly now and then purchase a new sweater later when she grows.

Proper Collar/Leash/Harness Access

No matter how cute and warm your pup will look in his new sweater it won't matter a great deal if you can't take him anywhere to show him - and his dog sweater - off. It is crucial therefore to make sure that the dog sweaters you buy offer the right access for his collar, leash and/or harness. You should not plan on putting his collar over the top of the sweater as that will make it far too easy for your pup to wriggle out of the collar and potentially bolt.

Ease of Dressing

Some pups take to wearing dog sweaters easily, but others are initially not too sure at all.
While you will want the dog sweater you choose to fit and be nice and snug if it is too hard to get on and off - if putting it on is likely to become a wrestling match - then you are likely to end up frustrated and your pup will end up hating the idea of ever wearing dog sweaters. Look for sweaters that offer easy snaps, or slip right over the body avoiding the head if your dog is new to the world of dog fashion and you are likely to have a much easier time getting him to embrace the idea.

Ease of Care

Very few dog sweaters are designed to be worn only once or twice (a seasonal choice like a Christmas or Easter dog sweater may be an exception) and so you should look for dog sweaters that are easy to care for, as in they can be easily laundered and don't need too much special care.

This is where the type of fabric you choose matters too. For dogs standard wool is often far too itchy and difficult to care for. Often a jersey cotton, sweatshirt type material is the best choice, lighter one for fall and a heavier one for those really chilly winter months perhaps.

Now that you know more about what to look for, and what to keep in mind when buying dog sweaters, it's time to go shopping. We offer a wide range of dog sweaters to suit any dog, no matter their size, weight or 'personal style' might be, so we are sure that you will find dog sweaters you both love!