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Dog Tags, Pet IDs & More

Pet parents know how important it is to get their furkids microchipped so that they can be quickly reunited with them if they get lost. However, the person who first comes across your loose pup is very unlikely to have a chip reader. If however, your dog has a dog tag they will be able to contact you right away .

Unfortunately according to the ASPCA only 33% of pet parents do make sure their dogs have a current and updated dog tag attached to their collar at all times. Those cute colored tags - and their are lots of them to choose from - are something that you, as a responsible pet parent should definitely have on your pet supplies shopping list,

You should do so not only so that you can choose just the right cute, quirky or classic dog tag to match your pup's personality but also so that if they were to get lost the time they are missing is likely to be drastically reduced and they will be returned to their loving home much faster.

What Should Your Pup's Dog Tag Say?

Now that you are focused on getting your pup the right dog tag you'll want to make sure that it will be personalized with the right information. Any dog tag should contain your dog's name, a contact number and the city you live in. Some people also choose to include an email address, a physical address and/or their own name, so that if someone were to claim the dog was their's, a mistaken hand off to the wrong person can be avoided.

If you travel with your pet, if you have moved recently, or your pup takes special medications, or has special health needs, you may want to opt for a dog tag that can accomodate more information.

Dog tags with waterproof ID storage tubes are perfect, as you can add a great deal more information to the paper note and it can be changed quickly if needed too. You should also remember a notation about their microchip.

All of this might sound as if you'll need a huge tag to accommodate the right information, but that's not the case at all.

Dog Tag Materials

Most dog tags and pet ID tags are made using metal, for both durability and aesthetic reasons. But which metal dog tag is best. Here is a look at the pros and cons of some of the most popular:

Aluminium - Aluminium is lightweight, very easily to cut, shape and engrave and tends to be quite long lasting when crafted into a dog tag. It can also be crafted in lots of different shapes and colors, which is why it's one of the most popular options for dog tags of all.

Stainless Steel - Stainless steel is a long wearing metal that engraves well and is designed to last and last. You are likely to find fewer style options but the look is a classic one, so if you like that traditional, rugged look for your furkid it's an excellent choice.

Brass - This is another traditional choice that is durable and stylish. On the downside it may be a little heavy for very small dogs to have to wear all day, every day.

Nonmetal - Not all dog tags are crafted from metal. There are also some excellent options out there made from durable plastics and other nonmetal materials. These can be great in terms of design and flexibility. The one thing you should be sure to do however is order from a reputable supplier, as a dog tag is of little use if it is so flimsy and badly made that it falls off within a few days.

The one thing you should remember to do, whatever dog tag you eventually chose, is to check it often to make sure that it is still easy to read. Sometimes play time dirt and dust and erode away engraving, or laser printed letters can wear off. If that's the case, and a little gentle cleaning does not fix the problem for safety's sake it's time to make another choice. You should also make sure you update your pup's ID tag if any of that crucial contact information changes at any time.

Now that you know a little more about dog tags, why they are so important and what kind of dog tag options you have, it's time to go shopping for a great pet ID for your pup. We carry a wide selection of dog tag options, something to suit every size, breed, style preference and budget and do you are sure to find something you both like!