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Dog Poop Waste Disposal Garbage Bags | PUP ADDICT

Dog Poop Waste Disposal Garbage Bags

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Walking your dog usually requires picking up after them after they “do their business,” and in fact, in more and more cities this task is actually required by law. For decades, pet parents have come up with different ways to make cleaning up after their dog a little more convenient, and now many companies have come up with the perfect product. These 10” x 12” disposable garbage bags are big enough to handle even large amounts of waste, and they come with 15 bags in each roll.

Cleaning up after your dog is not only necessary, but it is the right thing to do. Having a convenient way to pick up doggie waste is convenient and makes the task a lot less unpleasant, and the garbage bags even come in cute paw-print patterns for your enjoyment. They are both leak-proof and odor-proof, so you can carry them around while you walk your dog without having to smell their waste inside the bag. The garbage bags are unscented as well, meaning you’ll never be exposed to a strong scent that you may not even like.

The same companies also make a great carrier for the bags that easily attaches to your dog’s leash or a backpack, and the bags themselves are perforated and therefore easy to tear off and utilize. Made out of an eco-friendly, biodegradable plastic, the garbage bags make cleaning up after your pet a lot simpler and less time consuming. They’re also very affordable bags thanks to their low price, which means purchasing several packages at one time is never going to be difficult. If you’re going to clean up after your dog anyway, why not have a little assistance and purchase disposable bags so the task is much more convenient on your part?